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grassroots helps kids play to win in the classroom. 

At Grassroots, we work with kids to achieve success both on and off the court. Our youth center serves as a supportive setting for program participants to get homework help, expand their knowledge through academic enrichment and receive college search guidance, financial aid and scholarship assistance and support.

Staff and volunteers support kids' academic development in several ways:

Social, Emotional & Character Development

- Intentional curriculum that builds the 5 components of

social-emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management,

responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social


- Project-based activities and team-building opportunities to

practice development skills.


- Exploration, cultivation and application of personal

leadership styles, habits and behaviors.

- Civic engagement experience within the community.

- Junior Coach pathway that provides leadership development

and job readiness opportunities, along with a paying job.

College & Career Readiness

- Sequential curriculum that guides student-athletes through

exploring, identifying, and achieving a plan for college

and/or career goals.

- Engagement and exposure with businesses, colleges and

other partners to connect with student-athletes for virtual

tours and meetings, mock interviews, resume and essay

writing, financial literacy, and other skill-building and

networking-building experiences.

- Academic tutoring and support.

Arthur Ashe Essay Contest

Annual contest with themes from the life of Arthur Ashe has produced seven Grassroots' Northeast Regional winners in 2012 and two National winners in 2011.

A.C.E Curriculum

The USTA Academic Creative Engagement™ (A.C.E.) combines the sport of tennis with experiential activities that advance educational outcomes as well as problem-solving and decision-making strategies while promoting teamwork and family involvement.

"I can be a leader by helping my friends be a better version of themselves and by following the rules. I can also be a leader by cleaning up mess that isn’t mine."
Elisha 6th Grade
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