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our approach is rooted in supportive relationships, helping kids become the best they can be.

Kids know that at Grassroots, they will get so much more than tennis skills and academic support - they will be encouraged to be their best selves. This focus on character development, in everything we do, makes Grassroots a unique youth development program.

Both formally and informally, staff and volunteers help kids navigate relationships, conflict, teamwork, goal setting, decision-making, overcoming challenges, being a good community member and more.

We focus on social-emotional learning, youth voice and leadership development. The Junior Coach Program trains and supports high school-aged participants to be junior instructors and role models to the younger kids.

Because we are a year-round program that serves kids of all ages (5 to 18), located adjacent to the neighborhood where they live, we are an extension of the family and neighborhood. Grassroots is there for kids when they win and when they lose.

“Grassroots is a great opportunity to improve, not only my tennis game, but also on life skills as well.”
- Erickah Tertulien,
11th grader at Norwalk High School
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